I am a researcher on human-AI interaction who is motivated to improve the world we live in. I love to learn, innovate and discover, and try to do so every day.

What I do

I am a researcher at TNO's department Human-Machine Teaming, in the team Human-Agent/Robot Teaming, a PhD student at TU Delft's department Interactive Intelligence, and affiliated to the Hybrid Intelligence Centre. Their shared mission is to understand and engineer the collaboration between AI agents and humans to complement each other. By being part of these institutes, I can connect and accelerate research on these topics.

Within my PhD research I answer the question what an AI should explain to humans and how it can generate such explanations. My research contributes to a more responsible use of AI systems by providing humans the needed understanding how such systems make their decisions.

At TNO my research revolves around the development of future AI systems that can effectively and responsibly collaborate with humans, instead of systems that only maximize some performance metric. Aside from several other projects, I lead the research on explainable AI within TNO’s research program Appl.AI.

Here you can read more about my PhD research, my work at TNO, and the open source and community projects I am involved in.

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  • XAI for human-AI collaboration

    As a sufficient understanding is needed to for humans to use AI systems responsibly and collaborate with them effectively, we need to research what explanations an AI should provide to support this.

    My PhD research
  • Community and opensource projects

    To ensure AI systems are applied and used responsible and effectively, I believe that research and industry communities should to be brought together. Through several projects I aim to create and support those communities.

    Personal projects
  • Research at TNO

    At TNO I participate and lead several projects in the domain of human-AI interaction.

    My work at TNO