I am a researcher through and through, motivated to improve the world we live in. I love to learn, innovate and discover, and try to do so every minute of the day.

What I do

As a researcher at TNO I work on how humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can collaborate and co-exist. As a PhD student at TU Delft I figure how an AI can explain itself to its human users. I build AIs that are aware of and suitable for humans. I am not bound to a domain as I contribute to solutions in healthcare, the military, maritime world and many other domains. The AIs I build can be virtual (decision support systems) or physical (robots). What drives is me is a world where AI keeps us healthy, safe and kind. A world where AI is human-centered.

Current project


    Ideally, humans and AI work together as a team where they complement each other. Though, to know how such collaboration looks like, it needs to be tested. MATRX is a Python software project that supports the rapid development of team tasks and support their evaluation.