Community and opensource projects

To ensure AI systems are applied and used responsible and effectively, I believe that research and industry communities should to be brought together. I initiate and projects that do so within the organisations I am involved in.

Aside from my PhD research and work at TNO, I am involved in several structural collaborations within projects and organizations such as the Hybrid Intelligence Centre (HI), the Appl.AI Program and the Netherlands AI Centre (NLAIC). I am the founder and maintainer of several open source projects and their communities, and I actively organize community events to bring researchers and industry partners together.

Community events and tools

  • Building TNO’s XAI community

    Within TNO more projects research or make use of XAI, however this community is still scattered over all departments. Together with two of my colleagues, Ajaya Adhikari and Ioannis Tolios, we began to build a community over all these projects. We organize several events, such as presentation sessions, panel discussions and social activities. Furthermore, we aim to bring this community into contact with other research and government institutes, relevant groups at universities, and companies through round-table discussions. Through these activities we hope to shape the (applied) research of XAI within the Netherlands towards that what is needed, requested and valuable for the Dutch industry.

  • H3AI; Hackathon on collaborative fake news detection

    I organize the Hackathon on Hybrid Human-AI (H3AI), which is affiliated with TNO’s Appl.AI program that bundles all of TNO’s research on AI and the HHAI Conference linked to the Hybrid Intelligence Centre. The first hackathon is planned in June 2022 with the topic of developing concepts for human-AI collaborations on fake news detection. The goal is to have such a hackathon every year during the HHAI Conferences.
  • Summer school Human-Robot Interaction

    As part of the European Horizon project TRADR, I helped organize the summer school on human-robot interaction in 2017. During an entire week students were given the opportunity to learn more about this field and network within its community.

    HRI Summer school
  • Hybrid AI Hackathon; Explainable AI

    In 2018 I organized my first hackathon with the topic of explainable AI. During this hackathon several teams from various research groups, institutes and companies joined to tackle innovative challenges surround explainable AI. Not only did this result in several new ideas and approaches, it also established several long lasting collaborations on applying explainable AI innovations.

    Hackathon video
  • MATRX: A tool to accelerate research on human-machine teaming

    Together with my colleague, Tjalling Haije, we founded the open source tool MATRX and its community. We were confronted time and time again that each project on human-machine teaming required the development of a simplified task environment to test and evaluate human-AI collaborations. Often such testbeds were never used or scalable after the end of a project. With MATRX we solved this as it functions as a singular codebase to accelerate the creation of team tasks, AI and human controlled agents with various (standardized) metrics to enable the benchmarking of research in various projects. Currently MATRX is being used within TNO on key projects, is used by several PhD students in their research, and found its place in the assignments of various courses at the Technical University of Delft.
  • XAI Toolbox: Standardized plug-and-play technologies for explainable AI

    My most recent opensource project that aims to collect and standardize much of the explainable AI (XAI) research done within TNO and outside in a single Python opensource package. Its goal is to consolidate the technical-oriented research on XAI research in a single accessible way to help support the growing research community on this topic and to accelerate the application of this research.